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Open sale of NFTs on the DeFi marketplace OpenSea begins on June 10,2024 10:00 UTC! 


Simple as ABC



Go to the OpenSea marketplace, register a wallet on MetaMask*, and top it up with the amount needed to purchase the desired number of NFTs from our Bank of the Future, TT Bank!


Please be sure "Make offer" so that we can identify you as a project participant!  

Click the "Buy" button, then "Make offer". Choose which cryptocurrency you want to pay with (ETH or USDC on the Polygon network). Enter the price, which cannot be lower than $110 USD, the desired quantity of NFTs from our Bank of the Future, TT Bank, and the duration of the offer (we recommend 7 days)! 



We will take care of everything else! TT Bank - there is no other like it!

đź“ŁUNION IS STRENGTH! TT Bank - it is the only one!


  • a) In MetaMask settings, there is a function to change the logout time, which is set to 30 seconds by default. Set it to a longer duration or to "never". b) In the list of networks, there is a button - "Add Network". You need to select and add the Polygon network. 
  • Click the đź••,🏠 icon at the bottom of MetaMask. The names of MetaMask marketplaces will appear. Choose "ART & Collection", then OpenSea, agree to the terms, and add it. This way, the partner connects MetaMask and OpenSea. After this, the details of your MetaMask wallet will appear at the top of the OpenSea marketplace. 
  • Save the link https://opensea.io/collection/tlvd to our OpenSea collection in your Favorites. Going forward, by clicking on 🏠 and then on this link, you'll be ready to work!

TLVD Trusty Bank

Empowering Your Financial Future! Discover innovative banking solutions, NFT governance, cryptocurrency  services, more at TT Bank. Join us in shaping the future of finance!
National Palace
The National Palace in Santo Domingo houses the offices of the Executive Branch (Presidency and Vice-Presidency) of the Dominican Republic.

How to be part of a Bank of the Future

 Easy as:  A  B

  • A  Complete the form in our Shop 
  • B  Buy NFT governance and Union is Strength

Our team call to Potential Investors and Clients to Participate in the Project and to be our Partners. We invite potential investors and clients to join the idea of creating the structure of the future bank, which strives to be at the forefront of banking innovations. Our approach to banking services represents a unique combination of traditional financial services and innovative technological solutions. By joining us, you will become part of the banking revolution, actively participating in the creation of the future bank's structure, where innovations serve to enhance convenience, security, and efficiency. We are confident that through our combined efforts, we can create the bank of the future, which not only meets current market demands but also paves the way for the future of the banking sector. Together, we can reach new heights in financial innovations and customer service. Acting in the creation of the future bank's structure as a single entity, all investor proposals will undergo the highest expert evaluation, taking into account every team member's opinion. Our expert team ensures secure transactions and reliable management of your digital assets, optimization of prudent financial resource management, allocation of resources in correspondent accounts and corresponding wallets, necessary for ensuring express payments, sustainable growth, and development of the bank. 

TLVD Trusty Bank - Bank of the Future
How to Become a Customer 
Easy as: A  B  C
  • A Register using the VERIF software;
  • B Complete the KYC* QUESTIONNAIRE;
  • C Attach a document verifying the beneficiary (Passport or ID card from any country except those on the FATF List).

Description and Application: Tokenization involves the process of converting traditional instruments into digital form using blockchain technology. This simplifies asset purchase, sale, and trading processes, making them more accessible and liquid for a wide range of investors. NFT-governance tokens offer investors significantly improved access to a diverse range of assets, some of which were previously inaccessible due to high entry barriers. Moreover, they ensure heightened transparency and security through blockchain technology, providing depositors with a seamless and user-friendly avenue to directly engage with the project;

Regulatory Compliance: We strive for full compliance with financial regulations and legislation, ensuring the legality and reliability of our tokenized products and instilling confidence in our depositors. Engage in NFT governance with confidence*. 

*KYC stands for Know Your Customer, a process used by bank businesses to verify the identity of their clients.

Join us on this journey to create the next generation bank!

Historic Downtown Plaza
Historic Downtown Plaza with skyline of colonial buildings and churches (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic).

*As a testament to our unwavering commitment to full compliance with financial regulations and legislation, taking into account the requirements set forth by the SEC (token compliance and security), we have commissioned a Howey Test from an independent auditor. The outcome of the Howey Test indicates that the NFT we are issuing is not currently considered a security and does not require licensing.


In conclusion, considering that three out of the four main points of the Howey Test cannot be met by definition, the development of NFT-governance tokens for the Future Bank project in the Dominican Republic, preliminarily named TLVD Trusty Bank, does not meet the criteria to be classified as a security according to the Howey Test. This conclusion is supported by the observation that token sales before the project's launch resemble the transfer of future usage rights rather than investment in securities. The crucial criterion here is not the timing of token sales initiation, but rather the purchaser's ability to utilize the system for profit through their own actions. Additionally, the appreciation of token value on the secondary market does not inherently imply their classification as securities. Token value may appreciate similarly to franchise rights due to the active engagement of token holders. Furthermore, the profit of investors and project organizers is closely intertwined according to the vertical approach, with no implied correlation between investors' profits. Thus, the token model in this context appears decentralized, indicating they cannot be considered part of a common enterprise. Through the use of NFT, each token will uniquely identify its owner


The Dominican Republic; Spanish: RepĂşblica Dominicana,  is a country on the island of Hispaniola in the Greater Antilles archipelago of the Caribbean Sea, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the north.

It occupies the eastern five-eighths of the island, which it shares with Haiti, making Hispaniola one of only two Caribbean islands, along with Saint Martin, that is shared by two sovereign states. It is the second-largest nation in the Antilles by area (after Cuba) at 48,671 square kilometers (18,792 sq mi), and second-largest by population, with approximately 11.4 million people in 2024, of whom approximately 3.6 million live in the metropolitan area of Santo Domingo, the capital city.

We was some reasons to look at Dominican Republic for our bank business.
Five centuries after Christopher Columbus, we will set up foot on Santo Domingo for the very first time, adding the Caribbean to its map of emerging tech and bank hubs. Great news!

Traveling to a paradisiac island to look for promising startups across beaches, coconut and colorful fishes sounded like a dream. And while we were very excited to go to the Dominican Republic for its incredible bio-ecosystem and fairytale landscapes, even we never expected to find an El Dorado so much of opportunities for innovation and bank entrepreneurship as well. 

11 400 000 people

Dmitrii Grankin. 
Our next old Customer.
Well, not as soon as I'd like, but better late than never. Phone: +372 501 4680
The Dominican startup ecosystem

The Dominican startup ecosystem is still at an early stage. For example, you will not yet find many investors willing to bet on the island’s talent pool, nor established public and private support structures for entrepreneurs. But things are starting to move, and besides those shortcomings, the Dominican Republic is definitely a place to consider for doing bank business.

And here is why:

1. Talent pool is on the rise:
Unlike in many other Latin American countries, education is affordable. While in the rural areas, the access to quality education is still lacking, the island nevertheless shelters very talented people, such as excellent programmers, webmasters and designers from well known tech institutions (INTEC and ITLA).
At the same time, students are often encouraged and supported to study abroad. As matter of fact, Dominican winner, Luis Sena, created Edupass, a platform to help students navigate the complex process of studying abroad, after he had himself studied in London and Switzerland. By the way, the first university on the entire continent was set up in the Dominican Republic. It was the St. Thomas Aquinas University, founded in 1538 in Santo Domingo.

2. Favorable business environment:
The county is ranked 109 out of 190 for ease of doing business. There are still some advantages of the Dominican Republic that we should not overlook. The overall tax rate is about 42.4%, slightly lower than the continent’s average (46.3%). At the same time, while it generally takes about 30 days to open a business in Latin America, in the Dominican Republic you can set up a company in about 14.5 days. The country also benefits from free trade zone with North & Central America and Europe, and has a strong appetite for imported goods & technology.
Last but not least, the Dominican Republic has the largest economy in the Caribbeans and Central America, with the GDP close to 70 billions USD.

3. Geopolitical advantage:
Directly related to bank business opportunities, the island is geographically gifted. Its location between the United States, Central and South America and Europe, make it a strategic hub for namely expansion of banking business. It can be easily accessed by air or by sea. Đ•he coastline is covered by busy seaports, used especially for commercial shipping and tourist cruises. Situated just 2 hours by flight from Miami, average 4 hours from Latin American countries and about 8 hours from Europe, it is sprinkled with more than 30 airports, 8 of which are international.

4. Connectivity at its best:
The country benefits from an excellent telecommunication infrastructure, known for being one of the best in LATAM. Internet is widely available, even in the guaguas. And all of this while in Switzerland we are only still waiting for free WIFI in the train.

5. Up and coming startup ecosystem:
The startup ecosystem – almost non-existent until now – is moving ahead. A couple of serial entrepreneurs and angel investors have just launched programs to support entrepreneurs, such as Coworking.do, a coworking & business services platform in the heart of Santo Domingo, or Labocaproject in Cabarete, a co-working & incubator for sustainable tech companies.
The public sector is also evolving. The Ministry of Industry and Commerce created an official network of mentors for entrepreneurs and the government launched a dedicated program to create a strong digital ecosystem, called Digital Republic. Thanks to its geographical position, its business opportunities and the talented and hard working people building the future of the island, the Dominican Republic, we think is definitely a place to watch out for in the coming years.


Political tendencies within the region remain distinct and unswayed by any singular political leaning: 

Our founders' paramount objective lies in bolstering the business endeavors of their clients and partners, ensuring their sustained elevation. The local banking regulator's policies predominantly aim at fostering a high level of risk-free development within the credit institutions of the Dominican Republic, mirroring practices observed in the United States. The Dominican Republic enjoys long-standing, favorable relations with the United States, such as the provision of ten-year visas for Dominican residents, which, to an extent, positions the Dominican Republic as a substitute for Cuba in the eyes of the United States. These amicable relations with the United States also pave the way for conducive conditions for banking operations within the Dominican Republic.

In contrast, the European Union has witnessed an exodus of the United Kingdom and the closure of numerous banking structures due to stringent oversight, propelling basic business sectors towards the United States and China. In the United States, the banking sector, adhering to regulatory requirements, enjoys a comfortable existence. The SEC's primary demands include compliance with a bank's internal policies, AML requirements, adherence to international sanctions, and transparency concerning the income of American citizens. These requirements are well-known, straightforward, and comprehensible. The SEC's approach to cryptocurrencies and remote authentication is accommodating, with permissions for the establishment of cryptocurrency ETFs being granted and the use of VERIF video registration being adopted for autentificare. Recognizing the significance of adhering to the Dominican Republic's regulatory requirements, we aspire towards a business and local banking sector disposition as favorable as that of the United States. We hope to discover many like-minded individuals in this venture, extending an invitation to all interested parties to collaboratively partake in the creation of our collective, dare I say, people's Bank of the Future.


And this is not the only country of the Caribbean that is growing in term of tech and bank entrepreneurship:
Jamaica together with Haiti and Cuba with its recent opening and its highly educated population is the next destination we wishes to add on our map.

About TLVD Trusty Bank

Evolutionizing Banking Services

At TLVD Trusty Bank, we combine cutting-edge technology with financial expertise to provide a seamless banking experience. Our services include loans, NFT governance, cryptocurrency management, and more. Similar to the blockchain working scheme, we can become inseparable cells of a single and whole structure of the future bank. With each NFT-governance of the owner holding one voting right, stakeholders can actively participate in shaping the Bank's future structure, offering their innovative ideas for enhancement the functioning of the banking structure as a whole.


Jose Andre. One our old Customer. Phone: +1 (845) 533 2363

TLVD has changed the payments in terms of simplicity, and certainly been a lifesaver for my living.

Dmitrii Grankin. Second our old Customer. Phone: +372 501 4680

Well, not as soon as I'd like, but better late than never.



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