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TLVD Trusty Bank is dedicated to reshaping the banking industry by incorporating the latest technologies and financial expertise. Join us on the journey towards a smarter financial future.

Transformation of the Banking Sector: A New Stage of Evolution

The primary trend in today's financial world is the bank in your phone. Contactless payments, online banking, obtaining loans, leasing, factoring, and even mortgages, currency and cryptocurrency transactions, securities trading, opening a brokerage account — all of this will soon be possible remotely. In a world where technology continuously reshapes the landscape of financial services, our project to create the bank of the future occupies a special place at the intersection of traditional banking systems and revolutionary blockchain technologies. Together, we strive to create a unique banking solution that addresses the challenges of modernity, offering an unprecedented level of security, transparency, and efficiency.

Our Mission: Security, Innovation, Accessibility

At the core of our project lies the mission of providing high-quality banking services accessible to everyone. Each participant in the project, guided by laws on credit institutions, identity verification, and anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing regulations, can submit proposals to improve the very structure of the future bank being created. By combining time-tested methods with blockchain innovations, we are opening new horizons in customer service, offering solutions capable of fundamentally changing the perception of banking services.

Innovative Approach: Blockchain in Service of Tradition

We envision the future of the banking sector as a harmonious combination of proven traditional methods and cutting-edge technological solutions. Our approach is unique: we are creating a banking system of the future that not only meets modern requirements for reliability and efficiency but also embodies the advantages of blockchain, opening up new possibilities for our clients and partners;

In this introduction, we set the tone for the entire whitepaper, emphasizing the uniqueness and innovation of the project, as well as its potential to address current challenges in the banking sector of the future. This introduction is intended to pique the interest and capture the attention of readers, whether they are potential clients or contributors to the creation of the future bank's structure;

According to recent reports from Messari, one of the current trends is decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). We will witness firsthand the restructuring and redistribution of roles among participants in the future bank's structure, as well as improvements in collaboration tools, which will eliminate passivity and make us more effective in creating the structure and framework of the bank of the future.


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Why should you consider launching a business by acquiring the NFT governance of the Bank of the Future.

Our DAO team has opted to release governance tokens for the prospective Bank as NFTs*, facilitating effortless trading within the digital realm of the DeFi ecosystem. With each NFT-governance owner holding one voting right, stakeholders can actively participate in shaping the Bank's future structure, offering their innovative ideas for enhancement. This inclusive approach ensures involvement in the entirety of the bank's development process, subject to the following conditions: 

Who We Are

Ownership Guarantee: 
Through the use of NFT-governance, each token will uniquely identify its owner, ensuring transparency and security throughout its ownership and transfer process.

Liquidity and Accessibility: 
Tokenization in the form of NFT-governance will enhance liquidity and make deposits accessible to a wide range of investors, including small and private participants during the establishment of the Bank of the future.

Integration with Traditional Markets: 
Upon the establishment and listing on the stock market (Initial Public Offering or IPO), NFT-governance tokens can be converted into traditional shares, ensuring a smooth transition for investors from NFT-governance tokens to securities, safeguarding their investments.

Regulatory Compliance: 
We will take all necessary steps to ensure that our approach to tokenizing NFT-governance tokens in the DeFi ecosystem complies with existing regulatory requirements and standards. Our legal team has conducted a Howey test, with results clearly indicating (three out of four points) that the issued NFT-governance token, until the establishment of the Bank and obtaining a banking license, is not considered a security. This significantly simplifies the work of bank founders and investors (NFT-governance tokens holders) in the establishment of the Bank of the future, primarily reducing their strategic, operational, and reputational risks.

*Every company seeks capital to develop its business. At the initial stage - during the startup phase - it is challenging to secure bank loans or find an "angel" investor willing to invest in its development. Therefore, the decision was made to issue NFT-governance tokens. Each investor who purchases NFT-governance tokens automatically becomes a participant in creating the structure of the future bank during the establishment of the Bank of the future. Only 10% of the proceeds from the sale of NFT-governance are allocated to the creation of the TLVD Trusty Bank structure, while the remaining funds are held in reserve and remain untouched. The security of funds is guaranteed by the team of bank founders, including developers and creators of the first Payment System in the EU, approved by one of the central banks of the European Union. This Payment System will form the foundation of the entire structure of the Bank being established.

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